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(The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India)



Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 58 - Number 2 Apr - 2014

Orignial Articles
Medical Education
Short Communications
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Mid-latency Auditory Evoked Potential Response may be Reflected as an Evidence of Neural Plasticity in Blind Individuals : Anbarasi Muthusamy , Rajkumar Gajendran , Vishwanatha Rao.

Pulmonary function Parameter in Workers of Woolen Industry : Ritu Purohit , Hem Lata , Lily Walia and Jagdeep Whig

Ameliorating Effect of Black Tea Extract on Cadmium Chloride-induced Alteration of Serum Lipid Porfile and Liver Histopathology in Rats : Venkappa S Mantur , Manjunath S Somannavar , Saeed Yendigeri , Kusal K Das ,and Shivaprasad S Goudar

Effect of Short-term Two Weeks Low Intensity Plyometrics Combined With Dynamic Stretching Trainig in Improving Vertical Jump Height and Agility on Trained Basketball Players : Selvam Ramachandran , and Binita Pradhan

Assessment of Tear Secretions in Healthy Indian Volunteers : Panna Mishra ,Divya Srivastava , Rajesh Misra ,V K Malik and VikasTrivedi

Physiological Variales Psychosocial Factors and Age At Menarche Among Punjabi Girls : Joseph John , M Verma and J Chhatwal

Medical Education

Gender Correlation of Stress Levels and Sources of Among First Year Students in a Medical College : Yogesh Saxsena , Abha Shrivastava ,and Priyanka Singh



Short Communications

A Study of serum cholesterol level in young adults and its relation to body mass index and waist-cricumference : Soumitra Nath , and Wasima Jahan

Effect of Rajyoga Meditation on Chronic Tension Headache : Kiran , Kawalinder K Girgla , Harsh Chalana and Harjot Singh

Impact of physical Activity on Ovarian Reserve Markers in Normal Ovreweight and Obses Reproductive age Women : Surekha T, Himabindu Y , Sriharibabu M ,Anil Kumar Pandey

Effect of Age and Body Mass Index on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Indian Population : Parveen Bhardwaj , Poonam kumari , Kamlesh Jha nad Mehar Bano

Effect of Gender and Body Mass Index on Pulmonary Function Tests in Adolescents of Tribal Population of a North Eastern State on India : Dipayan Choudhuri and Soma Choudhuri

Effect of skin to skin care to neonates on pulse rate, respiratory rate SPO2 and blood pressure in mother : Archana Nimbalkar , Dipen Patel , Ankur Sethi and Somashkhar Nimbalkar

Effect of short-term physical Exercise on Serum Total Testosterone Levels in Young Adults : Satendri Devi ,Jalaj Saxena , Dolly Rastogi , Arun Goel and Saurabh Saha

Letter to Editor

A Study of Reticulocyte Count in the Cord Blood of Pre-eclamptics and Healthy Pregnant Women : Anita Rawat , Neena Srivastava , Anil Gangwar , Sunita Tiwari , Pranjal Srivastava

Validity of Cooper's 12-min Run Test for Estimation of Maximum Oxygen Uptake in Female University Students : Amit Bandyopadhyan

Natural rubber latex allergy : Occupational exposure to latex glove among clinical laboratory workers : Sagi TM , Jose Sebastian , Harikumaran Nair.

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