Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 18 - Number 2 March - 1974

Review Articles
Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor


Review Article

Monoamine Oxidase in Health and Disease : Anjali Udupa, S Srinivasan and K N Udupa ...73

Original Articles

Modification of Adrenergic Block by Noradrenaline Low Temparture and Sodium Defeciancy : M R Manchandia and O D Gulati ...86

Some Cardiovascular Actions of Sodium Tauroglycocholate : Meena Dev, Sumathi Prabhu, Satish Arora and R K Sanyal ...93

Anti-5HT Activity of Mephanesin (Mynesin) on the Isolated Guinea-Pig Ileum : H H Sidique, K Rajanna and J S Bajaj ....97

Hypernoea of Neural Stimulation and Cervical Sympathetic Nerves : K Khetarapal ...102

A Study of the Effects of Gallamine on Cholinergic Receptors : R A Dhume, M G Gogate, J F Mascarenhas and M R Varde ...106

Urinary Phanolic Acids arising from Endogenous Metabolism : A S Saini, R N Singla, K N Garg, P C Singh and L D Singh ...111

Three Hour Creatinine Clerance Test in Health and Disease : C P Shah and P M Trivedi ...116

Bio-Availability of INH in Liquid Dosage Form : S R Chavan, S T Nikam, D V Pradhan, M B Bhide and B B Gaitonde ...120

The Miniature Stimulator For Behavioral Studies in Freely Moving Cats : R A Dhume and M G Gogate ....123

Short Communications

In Vivo Study of Mechanism of Propranolol-Induced Blockade of Neuromuscular Transmission : V K Patel, M N Jindal and V V Kelkar ...126

Screening of Some Indegeneous Plants for Anthelmintic Action Against Human Ascaris Lumbricoids : R Keleysa Raj ....129

The Effect of Hypophysectomy and Testosterone on the Acid Phosphotase Activity of the Seminal Vesical and Ventral Prostate of Castrated Rats : V P Dixit and Mikko Neimi ...132

Letter to Editor

A Cannula for Administration of Drugs into the Superior Cervical Gangolin of Cat through the common Carotid Artery : B V Telang ...135

Effect of Bovine and Bubaline Follicular Fluid on the Oxygen Update of Ram Spermatoza : D Bhim Reddy, G P Sharma, J Muralidhar Reddy and C Norman ...137

Effect of Ourbain on the Duration of Pentobarbitone Sleep in Rats : J.H.Jadhav,J.J Balsara and D.S. Salunkhe ...140

Positive Inotropic Action of Acetylcholine on Frog Heart : G S Singh and K N Garg ....142

Individual Variations in the response to Adrenaline of the Cat Blood Pressure : G S Singh, K K Agarwal, C L Malhotra and A J Singh ...144

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