Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
ISSN: 0019-5499
eISSN: 2582 - 2799

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 20 - Number 4 Oct - 1976

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Evidence of an Extended Representation of the Visual Field in the Superior Colliculus of the Rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus) : Chitr Sitthi-amorn ...187

Body Temperature and Basal Metabolic Changes during Acclimatization to Altitude (3,500 m) in Man : Lazar Mathew, S.S. Purkayastha, J,Sen Gupta and M.S Malhotra ...197

Studies on the Pharmacological Actions of Cardiospermum Helicacabum : S. Gopalakrishnan, R. Dhananjayan and Lalitha Kameswaran ...203

Effect of Centrally Administered Glucagon on Urine Output in Dogs : C.C. Agarwala, R.K. Mittal, S.K. Bapat and U.R. Bhardwaj ...209

Hypothermia and Alphamethyldopa Treatment : M. Chandramohan, N. Hariharasubramanian, E.S. Johnson and S. Parvathi Devi ...216

Effect of Heat-Stress in Rats - In. On Pregnant Rats, Maternal Organs and Foetal Tissues : R. Narendranatli and C.H. Kiracofe ...221

Electrocardiographic Study of the Effects of Masturbation on orrnal Individuals : B.K. Banerjea and S.C. Sen ...226

Blood Ketoacids and its Relation to Respiratory Quotient : A.K. De and J. Nagchaudhuri ...231

Studies on the Physiology and Biochemistry of Female Genital Tract of Albino Rats Response of Uterus, Cervix and Vagina to two different Dose Ratios of Estrogen and Progesterone : P.K. Mehrotra ...235

Short Communications

Antagonism of Anthracene-9-Carboxylic Acid as Screening Test for Muscle Relaxants : P.D. Sethi ...239

Protein Bound Iodine Levels during Oestrus, Pregnancy and Non-Pregnancy States in Goats : D.P. Sharma and Anita Sharma ...242

Plasma Monoamine Oxidase Levels in Mammals : .J.S. Bhatia and P.K. Dtoaraknatli ...245

Letter to Editor

Blood Groups and Peptic Ulcer : F.A. Mujtaba ...248

Some Central Effects on Acronychia Laurifolia Linn : B.K. Chowrashi, Biswapati Mukherjee and S. Sikdar ...250








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