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Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
ISSN: 0019-5499
eISSN: 2582 - 2799

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 21 - Number 4 Oct - 1977

Original Articles

Short Communication
Letter to Editor
Book Reviews


Maj.Gen.S.L. Bhatia : Acupuncture and Neurophysiology of Pain : Baldev Singh ...287

Original Articles

Cholinesterase Activity in the Corpus Luteum of the Sheep and Pig : Ann Silver ....295

Effects of Seasonal Variations, Acute Hypothermia and Physotigmine on Cardiac Acetylcholine, Tisssue Glycogen and Blood Sugar Concentrations in Frogs : P N Singh and P K Das ....302

Bile Formation in Rats with Acute Liver Damage From Carbon Tetrachloride : J S Juggi ....311

Use of Electromagnetic counterpoise to measure Cardiac Force : D R Kulkarni, P V Diwan, L D Tilloo, P A Patil and M K Bagi ....323

Monoamine Oxidation in Different organs of Rat : S K Ghosh and S R Guha ....329

Limitations in the Use of CO2 As a Method for Studying the J Reflex : Subhra Basu ...335

Urinary Indican in Healthy Indian Subjects : S K Sharma, N L Patney, M P Mehrotra, R B Verma and Ashok Kumar ....342

Cardiac Output of Indian Men by a Non-Invasive Method the Indirect Fick Principle : Jayashri Devi Sharma, R K Saxena and S K Rastogi ....347

Effect of Centrally Administered Glucagon on Urinary Sodium and Potassium Concentration in Dogs : G C Agarwala, V Bapat, V Misra and K N Singh ....353

The Human Vas-its Lumen in Relation with Age and Neuromuscular Transmitters : S R Gupta, G S Chinna and K R Sundaram ...359

Bilateral Asymmetry in Conduction Velocity in the Efferent Fibres of the Median Nerve and its Relationship to Handedness : Pardaman I Singh, B K Maini and Inderbir Singh ...364

A Study of the Intake of Fluid, Output and Titratable Acidity of Urine in Medical Students : S P Singh, D N Pandey, S Bhushan, P Seth and A K Sisodia ....369

Inhibition of Mast Cell Population by L-Glutamine in Aspirin-Induced Ulceration in Rat Stomach : Ratna Mitra and S P Pal....374

Cadmium Induced Changes in the Liver of Langurs (Presbytis Entellus - Entellus Dufrensne) : V P Dixit ...379

Hypocholesterolemic Response to Angiotensin H in Dogs : K N Singh, R K Mittal, K C Manchanda and J Kumar ....383

Short Communication

Relese of Copper Ions from an Intra-Vas Copper-Wire Contraceptive Device : Kartar Srivastava dn A R Chowdhury ....387

Distribution of Sulfisomidine in Tissues of Poultry : M K Singh, S D Singh, S P Sinha and N C Banerjee ...390

Effect of Smoking on Electrocardiogram and Blood Pressure : F AMujtaba ....393

Letter to Editor

Reorienting the Basic Science Departments in Our Medical Colleges: A Possible Line of Action : L K Kothari ...396

A Simple Method For Recording Antiflammatory Effects on Rat Paw Oedema : K R Bhatt, R K Mehta and P N Shrivastava ....399

Propranolol and Experimental Myocardial Necrosis : K K Saxena, V K Srivastava, B Gupta, R K Srivastava and D N Prasad ...401

Book Reviews



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