Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 24 - Number 3 July - 1980

Original Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Effects of Prostaglandins F2ex: and E2 on the Contractilitv of Non-pregnant Human Fallopian Tube In vitro : M. T.M. Jiffry and P. Virutamasen ..165

Effects of Disruption of Diurnal Rhythms in Food Intake of Rats : B.S. Rao and K.N. Sharma ...170

Organ Fluid Compartments In Rats Exposed to High Altitude : S.C. Jain, S.B. Rawal. H.M Divekar and H.S. Nayar ...177

In Vitro Effect of Human Placental lactogen on Steroidogenesis in Human Placental Tissue from Early Pregnancy : M M. Gelhotre. A Farooq and K.R. Laumas ...183

Roie of Vagus during Exercise in Thermal Panting : R. Saxena. S. Kumer, S.N. Tandon and P.C. Jain ...190

Effects of Aspirated and Swallowed Water in Mongrel Dogs subjected to Fresh-Water Drawning : U.C. Rai. P.K Bhardwaj and Madan Mohan ...197

Studies on Rectal Temperature of Rats in Relation to SeasonaI Air Temperature and Morhpine Administration : Udai.Prakash and P.K. Dey ..205

Amino Acids : Modifiers of Xanthine Oxidase Activity : U.Kela and R. Vijayvargiya ...216

Water and Electrolyte in Plasma. Skin and Ske'etal Muscle of Young and Growing Guinea Pigs : H.P. Khataniar ...221

Effect of Piracetam, A Cyclic GABA Analogue. on Haloperidol Induced Catalepsy in the Rat : J.J. Balsara. T.R. Bapat and A.G. Chandorkar ...227

Effect of Garlic Pretreatment on Isoprenaline-induced Myocard al Necrosis in Albino Rats : K.K. Saxena, B Gupta, V K. Kulshrestha, R.K. Srivastava and D.N. Prasad ...233

Short Communication

Production of Heinfarction In Rat Heart : A.K. Kela, L Prakasam Reddy and D.P. Thombre ...237

.Aperatlons in Urinary VMA Levels following Cigarette Smoking. Coffee Drinking and Alcohol Consumption : T R. Sharma, J.P.N. Chansouria and K.N. Udupa ...240

Letter to Editor

Technique for Screening Narcotic Analgesics : R.D. Budhiraja, S. Bala, A.H. Kaur and K.N. Garg ...243

lsoiated Terminal Gurneapig Ileum - An In Vitro Model to Demonstrate Dale's Reversal Phenomenon : S.K. Mishra and V Raviprakash ...245

Hypotensive Effect of Glucagon in Rats and Dogs : J Singh, S. Bala. A.H. Kaur an.d K.N. Garg ...249

The Effect of Ascorbic Acid Deficiency on Brain Catecholarmnes and Monoamine Oxrdases : B.S. Bharaj. S.N. Nduati and B. V. Telang ...251




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