Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 26 - Number 2 April - 1982

Original Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

The Possible Role of Reticulo Endothelial System in Hepatic Regeneration : A. Namasivayam and N. Padmanabhan ...105

Anticonvulsant and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitory Activity of Substituted Oxadiazolthiones : Shephali Tripathi, Shakeel Ahmad, J. P. Barthwal, K. K. Tangri and K. P. Bhargava ...113

Plasma Insulin. Growth Hormone and Blood Sugar during Exercise in Man : R. C. Sawhney, A.S. Malhotra and R. B. Gupta ...119

Effects of Age on Renal Efficiency : J. D. Pathak and S. V. Joshi ...125

Effects of Propranolol and Phenoxybenzamine on Muscle Strength and Physical Endurance. and on Exercise-induced changes in Muscle Glycogen and Blood Lactic Acid Levels in Rats : K. Jain and F. S. K. Barar ...130

Cholinesterase Activity in Starvation : B. V. Venkataraman, Thangam Joseph, P. S. Shetty and P. M. Stephen ...137

Heavy Metal ion Toxicity in the Freshwater Gastropod Snail Host. Lymnaea Luteola : G. Ramesh Babu and P. Venkateswara Rao ...141

Uterotropic Effect of Clofibrate and Phenylbutazone in Immature Female Rats : Dinesh Chandr, M. Thulasimany and A.R. Biswas ...147

Fibrinolytic Activity. Fibrinogen Content Prothrombin Time and Clotting Time during Menstrual Cycle : S. Gaur, S. Datta and R. P. Bhargava ...152

Hyper Absorption of Carbohydrates through Small Intestine in Diabetes Mellitus due to increased Brush Border Hydrolyses Activities : A. K. Ghosh and A. K. Sharma ...157

Short Communication

Effect of Restraint Stress on Cannabis-induced Catalepsy in Rats : S. K. Bhattacharya and P. Ghosh ...162

Ephedrine Modifies Hypothermia of Clonidine and Chlorpromazine : S. K. Tongia ...164

Letter to Editor

Antiproteolytic Activity of some 3-(0-Substituted Phenyl) 4-Substituted Phenyl-5-Alkyl/Alkenyl Mercapto (1 H) 1.2.4-Triazoles : Manju Tandon, Pushpe Tandon and J. P. Barthwat ...171

Synthesis and Neuropharmacological Studies of some Newer Substituted Benzimidazolyl Thiocarbamides : S. Shukla, Shradha Saxena and Ranjana Misra ...176

Local Anaesthetic Acitivitv of N-Methyl Hexahvdro-9-Methyl lndeno (2.1-C) Pyridine (M5) : T. K. Bhattacharya, C. H. Shashindran and C. Adithan ...179

Escherichia Coli Endotoxin and Cat Plasma Bradykinase : Richard Odoi Adome ...181


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