Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 28 - Number 1 Jan - 1984

Original Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Angularis Oculi Vein Temperature Variations Related to Man's mental Activity - Preliminary Studies : James H. Magi/ron. Curran S. Swift and Nani G. Ghoshal ...1

Evidence for the Presence of Osmoreceplors in Medu! IJ of the Dog : Y. P. Srivasrava. V. K. Kulshresrtha and K. P. Bhargava ...10

The Revesal by Metoclopramide of Apomorphine-induced Inhibition of Responses to Stimulation of the Cardioaccelerator Nerves in the Cat : M. Tunesr ...15

Inability of Amphotericin B (Fungizone) or of Sodium Deoxycholate to Alter Natural Drug Resistance Or Sonsitivity of Transplarl1ed Murine Leukemias : U. K. Ganu. D. D. Khandalekar and S. V. Gokhale ...21

Effect of Change in Limb Position on Mean Electrical Axis and Amplitudes of QRS Complex of Rat Electrocardiogram : L, P. Reddy. D. P. Thombre. A. K. Kela and U. C. Rai ...27

The Effect of Malathion Dust On Certain Tissues of Male Rats Fed Varyirg Levels of Dietary Protein : I. Vaishwanar and S. Mallik ... 35

CorrelatIon of Blood Groups with Congenital Disorders and Gastro Intestinal Diseases : B. S. Gajalakshmi and V. Viswanarhan ...42

Impact of Scorpion Hercrometus Fulvips Venom no Cholinesterase Rhythmicity in the Tropical Mouse Mus Booduga : B. Siva Narayana Reddy, L. Maniraj Bhaskar and K. Sasira Babu ...47

Effects of Body Weight on Taste of Male and Female Rats : B. S. Rao ...53

Spirometric Data in South Indian Subjects 60-80 Years cf Age : S. Meenakshi ...58

Purgative and Antheimintc Effect of Mallotus Philippinensis in Rats Against Tape Worm : S. S. Gupra. P. Verma and K. Hishikar ...63

Metoclopramide and erime'ltaIIV-induced Gastric Ulceratio.., in Guinea-Pigs : M. S. Manekar. R. H. Pandir and M. A. Joshi ...67

Short Communication

Level of Serum and Renal Histamine and Diamine Oxidase Activity in Lead Acetate Treated Rats : A. K. Ganguly. K. B. Solanki. A. K. Mathur and K. Somasundaram ...71

Letter to Editor

Beneficial Effec cf Inula Racemosa (Pushkarmcola) in Angina Pectoris : A Preliminary Report : S. N. Tripathi. B. J. Upadhyaya and V. K. Gupta ..73

Activity of Some Anti-inflammatory Agents Against Carrageenin-induced Pedal Oedema in Mice : P. P. SIngh, C. S. Rao. V. Taneja and D. R. Shridhar ...76

Ampholamine Anorexia and Metoclopramide : A. H. Band and H. H. Siddiqui ...79


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