Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 28 - Number 3 July - 1984

Orignial Articles
letter to Editor

Original Articles

Influence of Ambient Temperature and Drug Treatments on Brain Oedema Induced by Impact Injuryb on Skull in Rats : P. K. Dey and H. S. Sharma ...177

Pulmona;y Function of Indian Athletes and Sportsmen : A Comparison with American Athletes : S. C. Lakhera, Lazar Mathew, S. K. Rastogi and J. Sen Gupta ...187

Fructose 1. 6 Bisphosphatase Activities in Mouse Liver as a Function of Age : S. P. Saxena, R. K. Upretf and G. G. Sanwal ...195

Effects of some Dru9s on Islet Function in Catfish : S. D. Bhatt and P. S. Bora ...201

Comparative Evaluation (If the V"lsodilator Effect of Verapamil. Nifedipine nnd Diltiazem on Isolcted Perfused C;oronary Arteries of Rabbit : A. H. Kaur, M. Smgh and J. Singh ...206

Some Aspects of Pharmacological Profile of Sodium Curcuminate : T. Srihari Rao, N. Basu, S. D. Seth and H. H. Siddiqui ...211

Effect of Raised Portal Venous Pressure on Blood Pressure. Urine Output and Body Fluids : N. Shukla, A. Saxena and S. Kumar ...216

Effect of Drugs Influencing Synthesis of Prostaglandins on Haloperidol-induced Catalepsy in Rats : S. Bela Lali. Ums Tekur and P. Sen ...219

Acetylcholine Levels of Rat Brain and Heart in Starvation and Protein Restriction : B. V. Venkataraman, Thangam Joseph. P. S. Sherty and P. M. Stephen ...223

Alterations in some Dehydrogenase Profiles of Sciatectomized Toad Gastrocnemius Musclemetabolic Modifications by Malate : G. Venkateswara Prasad. P. Neeraja, K. S. Swamy, W. Rajendra and K. Indira ...227

Effect of Pregnancy and Lactation on Gastrointestinal Motility in Rats : Utpal Datta and R. K. Sharma ...231

Letter to Editor

Repeated Administration of Electroconvulsive Shock to Rats: Effect on Haloperidol- and Morphineinduced Catalepsy and its Modification by Carbamazepine end Diazepam : V. H. Bhavsar, V. R. Dhumal and V. V. Kelkar ...234

Influence of Vagal Tone on Adrenaline-induced Ventricular Tachycardia in Rats and Guinea Pigs : R. M. Tflpathi. G. P. Thomas and D. R. Shridher ...237

Studies on the Sedative Effect of Barbital Sodium on Frogs and Toads from different Habitats : M. Gopalakrfshnan, A. V. Champakamalini and B. K. Jagadish ...240

Effect of prednisolone on Serum Creatine Phosphokinase : Ramesh Cflandra Gupta, Usha Gupta and Jagdish Prasad Garg ...243

Anticonvlsant Activity of the Mixed Fatty Acids of Elaeocarpus ganitrus Roxb. (Rudraksh) : A. Dasgupta. S. S. Agarwal and D. K. Basu ...245

Barbiturate Estimation in Body Fluids by Goldbaum's Spectrophotometric Method : S. K. Gupta and N. Basu ...247

Effects of Intravenous Garlic; Juice Allium Sativum on Rat Electrocardiogram : S. K. Tongra ...250

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