Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 30 - Number 3 July - 1986

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Orignial Articles

Preliminary Observations on Interaction of HC-Metronidazole with Macromolecules In vivo and In vitro : M. Chacko, G. B. Maru and S. V. Bhide ...199

Anti-Inflammatory Property of Ranitidine, A Specific H,-Receptor Antagonist : M. D. Patwardhan, M. P. Muley and M. S. Manekar ...205

Myoelectric Activity of Gastric Antrum and Jejunum in Anaesthetised Guinea Pigs : N. Krishnamurthy and A. S. Chakarbarty ...210

Increased Osmotic Fragility of Red Cells in Dogs with Acute Myocarditis Produced by Scorpion (Buthus Tamulus) Venom : Radha Krishna Murthy Kari and Hossein Zolfraghrian ...215

Effect of Para-Chlorophenylalanine on Male Rats: Histopathological and Biochemical changes in the Testes : G. Vanitha Kumari ...223

Role of Medial Preoptic Area (MPOA) in the Reproductive Function and Feeding Behaviour in Rats : J. F. Mascarenhas ...232

Standardisation of Methods for th!! Estimation of Thiocyanate and Iodine in Foodstuff : S. K. Basu, N. S. Maharda and R. K. Shukla ...241

Solvent Artifacts likely to be Induced by Dimethylformamide : R. K. Varma, R. Kaushal, G. P. Thomas, R. M. Tripathi, A. Y. Junnarkar and P. P. Singh ...248

Short Communication

The Activity of Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase in the small Intestine of some Species of Anima Is at different Stages of Growth : Vinod K. Kansal and Rashmi Rani ...255

Letter to Editor

Modification of Thermal Pain Threshold by Testosterone and Ethinyloestradiol in Male and Female Rats : S. K. Tongia and R. P. Agrawal ...259

The Effect of Protien Deficiency on the Activity of Gamma-G lutamyl Transpeptidase : in the Small Intestine of Rats : Vinod K. Kansal and Khan Chand ...261

Absence of Teratogenicity of Pyridoxine in Wistar Rats : M. R. Marathe and George P. Thomas ....264

Bronchodilator and Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Glycosidal Fraction of Acacia Farnesiana : C. P. Trivedi, N. T. Modi, R. K. Sarin and S. S. Rao ...267

The Measure for Motivational Drive of the Female Rats to Approach the PupsPreliminary Report : S. D. Sahakari ...269

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