Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 35 - Number 1 Jan - 1991

Review Article
Orignial Articles
Short Communications
Letter to Editor


Review Article

Learning, Memory and the Brain : Gabriel Horn ...3

Original Articles

Hypolipidaemic and Antiatherosclerotic Effects of Plumbagin in Rabbits : Indu Sharma, Deepali Gusain and V. P. Dixit ...10

Lung Function Development in Indian Men and Women during late Adolescence and early Adulthood - A Longitudinal Study : S. Walter and J. Richard ...15

Contraceptive Efficacy of Depot Provera Jet-injected into the Cervix : S. S. Riar, R. C. Sawhney, P Thomas, 1. Bardhan, A. K. Kain and Thakuri Singh ...21

A Comparative Study of Lung Functions in Rice Mill and Saw Mill Workers : M. Ramesh Bhat and C. Ramaswamy ...27

Ethanol Induced Electroencephalographic changes from certain Central Loci of Canine Brain : Parveen Parkash ...31

To Assess Effect of Noise on Hearing Ability of Bus Drivers by Audiometry : Moreshwar S. Patwardhan, Mohan M. Kolate and Tukaram A. More ...35

Peak Expiratory Flow Rates in Elderly Indians : M. B. Dikshit, B. A. K. Prasad and N. V. Jog ...39

Longitudinal Study of Lung Function Development in a Cohort of Indian Medical Students: Interaction of Respiratory Allergy and Smoking : S. Walrer and J. Richard ...44

Reduction of Experimental Myocardial Infarct Size by Pre-treatment with Magnesium Sulfate in Rats : Avtar Lal and G. C. Rana ...49

A Memberane-free Pleythysmograph for Recording Volume changes Including microlitres : N. Krishnamurrhy, S. Bharathi and D. P. Thombre ...52

Circadian Rhythmicity of Growth Hormone at High Altitude in Man : Ramesh C. Sawhney and Anand S. Malhotra ...55

Short Communications

Variations in Plasma Trace-elements Concentration during Fracture Healing in Dogs : R. Kumar. P S Gill and P.J.S. Rattan ...58

Effect of Mid-dorsal Caudate Nucleus on Conditioning for Pain Sti.nulus in Rats : V. K..Mulgaonker and J. F. Mascarenhas ...61

Baroreceptor Reflexes in Postural Control of Circulation in Rabbits : Indu Khurana and Pardaman I. Singh ...65

Study of Serum Immunoglobulins in Normal Pregnancy : Meena A. Khirwadkar and Jayant R, Kher ...69

Role of Acetylcholine and Dopaminc in Dorsal Hippocampus on Hoarding Behaviour in Rats : Abhaya S. Borker and Jolly F. Mascarenhas ...71

Letter to Editor

Expiratory Flow Rate changes during the Menstrual Cycle : G. Sunder Rao. P. Rajan and S, Walter ...74

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