Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 35 - Number 4 Oct - 1991

Review Article
Orignial Articles
Short Communications
Letter to Editor


... 215

Review Article

Calcium Channels and Calcium Channel Blockers : S. D. and Sandeep Seth ...217

Original Articles

Calcium Channel Blockers and the CVS Reflex Responses during Lower Body Suction : M. B. Dikshit, A. K. Lavania, A. R. Devdikar, B. A. K. Prasad, N. V. Jog and S. S. Ganguly ...232

Ventilatory Functions in Pregnancy : Rupa Mokkapatti, Eshwar C. Prasad, Venkatraman and Kaneez Fatima ...237

Effect of Fatty Diet on Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of a Liquid Theophylline Preparation in Volunteers : S. K. Tripathi, N. R. Biswas, A. Lal, C. R. Giriyappanavar, P. P. Khosla, N. Saha, N. Kumar, S. K. Garg and P. L. Sharma ...241

Assessment of Cardio-Pulmonary Efficiency in Athletes and Ton-Athletes : P. K. Das Gupta and A. K. De ...245

Glycacmic Response to Maize, Bajra and Barley : Kalpana Shukla, J. P. Narain, Punita Puri, Archana Gupta, R. L. Bijlani, S. C. Mahapatra and M G. Karmarkar ...249

Effect of Head-up Tilting on Systolic time Intervals in Normal Young Volunteers : S. Vijayalakshmi, Madan Mohan, D. P. Thombre, Bharathi Balakumar and N. Krishnamurthy ...255

Plasma Estradiol and lipid Profile in Pcrirncnopausal Women : Kalavathi L., H. R. Dhruvanaryan and Elizabeth Zachariah ...260

Visual Evoked Potential Responses in Pregnant Women : O. P. Tandon and S. Bhatia ...263

Effects of Adrenalectomy on Brain Weight, Body Weight, and Wcight of certain Endocrine Organs in Rats : Marjorie E. Abraham, Shashikala D. Sahakari, Frida Monteiro, Manjula R. Yarde and J ully F. Mascarenhas ...266

Effect of Acute Heat Stress on certain Immunological Parameters in Albino Rats : I. Mini Joseph, N. Suthanthlrarajan and A. Namasivayam ...269

Levels of Copper and Zinc in Depression : K. L. Narang, K. R. Gupta, A. P. S. Narang and Rajvir Singh ...272

Responses of Pre-Optic Area to Intracerebrovcntricular Thyroxine and Thyrotropin in Dog Brain : Parveen Parkash ...275

Short Communications

Neem Oil - A Fertility Controlling Agent in Rhesus Monkey : Jaya Bardhan, S. S. Riar, R. C. Sawhney, A. K. Kain, Pauline Thomas and G. llavazhagan ...278

Effect on Yoga on Aerobic and Anaerobic Power of Muscles : Bhawani Balasubramanian and M. S. Pansare ...281

Letter to Editor

Effect of Sublethal Electrocution on some Haematological Parameters in Rattus Norvegicus : A. Mitra and B. P. Dash ...283

Circadian Variation of Plasma 17-Hydroxycorticosteroid (17-OHCS) in Cavitary and Non-Cavitary Pulmonary Tuberculosis : Suresh Singh, S. K. Singh, Shiroman Singh, R. C. Singh and M. K. Sharma ...286

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