Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
ISSN: 0019-5499
eISSN: 2582 - 2799

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 38 - 1 Number Janua - 1994

Guest Editorial

Review Articles
Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor


Guest Editorial

Debabrata Ghosh ; ...1

Review Article

Recent Advances in the Chernothrapy of AIDS ; Sandeep Verma ; ...5

Original Articles

Luteal Phase Contraception with Mifepristone (RU 486) in the Rhesus Monkey ; Debabrata Ghosh, Pradip De and Jayasree Sengupta : ...17

Plasticity of Hippocampal and Motor Cortical Pyramidal Neurons Induced by Self-Stimulation Experience : B. S. Shankaranarayana Rao, T. Desiraju, B. L. Meti and T. R. Raju : ...23

Energy Expenditure and Ventilatory Responses during Siddhasana - A Yogic Seated Posture : L. Rai, K. Ram, V. Kant. S. K. Madan and S. K. Sharma ; ...29

Serum Level of Iron and Transferrin in Pregnancy and Postpartum Period : Geeta A. Kurhade, Sudha V. Khanorkar, Bhavna M. Puranik, Jayant R. Kher, Sudha A. Patwardhan and Santosb Agrawal : ...34

Involvement of Adenosine in Postictal Events in Rats given Electroshock : Chanda Kulkarni, Joy David and Thangam Joseph : ...39

Dihydropyridine Group of Calcium Channel Antagonist in Epilepsy : Gauiam R. Vllal ; ...43

A Basic Program for Teaching Membrane Potential : Sabyasachi S. Sircar : ...47

Effect of duration of Stress on Pain Threshold in Rats : Jaiprakash R. Pednekar and Vilas K. Mulgaonker ; ...51

The Rate and Degree of Food Compensation on Alteration of its Caloric Density in Rats : Shashikala D. Sahakari and Vilas K. Mulgaonker ; ...53

Short Communication

Effect of Variable Low Doses of Aspirin on Platelet Functions : S. Bose, F. Roohi and M. Shiralkar : ...56

Effect of Lead Exposure on Plasma Phenylbutazone Levels in Rats ; N. Basa and Tanuja Kulsreshtha ; ...61

Letter to Editor

Influence of Methanol on the Release of Dopamine from Rat BrainSlices - An In Vitro Study ; V. Sreedhar, R. Ramakrishnan and A. Namasivayam : ...63

ECG Changes in Asymptomatic Healthy Males ; M. Goni, K. Parveen and G. M. Shah : ...65






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