Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
ISSN: 0019-5499
eISSN: 2582 - 2799

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 39 - Number 1 Jan - 1995


Review Articles
Orignial Articles



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Review Article

Stress, Steroids, and "Ojas" : Neuroendocrine Mechanisms and Current Promise of Ancient Approaches to Disease Prevention ; Kenneth G. Walton and Nirmal D. C. Pugh ; ... 3

Original Articles

Immunocytochemcal Distribution of Gamma Isoform of Protein Kinase C (PKC-y) following Incomplete Ischaemia : Nadira Islam. Mohammad IIflabuddin. Akiyoshi Moriwaki and Yasuo Hori : ...37

Anti Tubercular Treatment Induced Hepatotoxicity: Does Acetylator Status Matter? : Jagdeep Singh, Pramod K. Garg. V. S. Thakur and Rakesh K. Tandon ; ... 43

A Comparative Study of Delayed Neurotoxicity in Hens following Repeated Administration of Organophosphorus Compounds ; Ki llusain. S. C. Pam, S. K. Raza, R. Singh and S. Das Gupta ; ...47

Plasma Renin Activity in Normal Healthy Volunteers: Effect of Physiological Variables ; Shyam B. Lall, Sharda S. Peshin and MadhukarG. Karmarkar ; ...51

Serum Lipid Profile in Kashmiri Children : Syed Wajid IIu. N iyaz A. Buch and H. Masood ; ...55

Post-Coital Contraceptive Efficacy of the Seeds of Nigella Sativa in Rats : C. Keshri, M. M. Singh. V. Lakshmi and V. P. Kamboj ; ...59

Anti-Fertility Activity and Hormonal Profile of Trans-Anethole in Rats : S. K. Dhar ; ...63

A Study on Physiological Changes in Essential Hypertension and Rheumatoid Arthritis with Reference to the Levels of Cortisol, Blood Glucose, Triglyceridcs and Cho\csterol : Krishna K. Mishra and H. P. Pandey ; ... 68

Interaction of Pargyline with Tolbutamide in Rabbits ; S. Satyanarayana, D. Murali Krishna. Y. S. R. Krishnaiah and D. Visweswaram : ..71

Pharmacodynamic Interactions of Omeprazole with CNS Active Drugs in Rats ; S. M. Chandrasekhar, A. Chakrabarti and S. K. Garg : ... 74

Aspirin and Anticonvulsant Interaction ; Ratnakar S. Wali and Paragouda A. Paul ; ... 77

Inhibitor Effects of Formaldehyde on the Reproductive System of Rats : Pradip K. Majumdar and Vijay L. Kumar ; ... 80

Effects of Diltiazem on Calcium Ion Translocation: A Study on Isolated Frog Rectus Abdominis Muscle ; S. M. Parhate, A .G. Shembekar and M. K. Jagtap ; ... 83

Role of 5-HydroxytT) prarninc In Toxaemia of Pregnancy ; T. K. Bhauacharyya and P. K. Debnam : ... 86







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