Indian Journal of Physiology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 40 - Number 1 Jan - 1996

Guest Editorial
Review Articles
Orignial Articles
Short Communications
Letter to Editor

Guest Editorial

Alfred Bernhard Nobel 0833-1896) : ...1

Original Articles

Physiology and Function of Platelets from Patients with Alzheimers Disease : Gundu H. R. Rao, Janet D. Peller, David S. Knopman and James G. White ...5

Dose-Response Functions of Apomorphine, SKF 38393, LY 171555, Haloperidol and Clonidine on the Self-Stimulation Evoked from Lateral Hypothalamus and Ventral Tegmentum : Jitendra Singh, T. Desiraju and T. R. Raju ...15

Response of the Portal Vein of Spontaneous Hypertensive Rats to Intracellular pH : A. O. Bamosa ...23

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials in Elileptics on different Anti-Epileptic Drugs : Usha Panjwani, S. H. Singh, W. Selvamurthy, H. L. Gupta, S. Mukhopadhyay and L. Thakur ...29

Effect of Noise Stress on some Cardiovascular Parameters and Audiovisual Reaction Time : S. Saha, A. Gandhi, S. Das, P. Kaur and S. H. Singh ...35

Central Noradrenergic and Cholinergic Modulation of Formaldehyde-induced Pedal Inflammation and Nociception in Rats : Vinod K. Dumka, Surendra K. Tandon, V. Raviprakash and Harish C. Tripathi...41

Chronic Exercise Alters EEG Power Spectra in an Animal Model of Depression : Supendra Nath Sarbadhikari, Sangita Dey and Amit Kumar Ray ....47

Svara (Nostril Dominance) and Bilateral Volar GSR : S. Mitti Mohan ...58

Investigation into the Possible Mechanism Involved in Altered Digoxin Levels in Diabetic Patients : S. D. Joshi, D. D. Santani, J. J. Sheth, H. C. Mehta, K. C. Dave and R. K. Goyal ...65

Regional Specificity seen within Hypothalamus in Neuroimmunomodulation : R. Sheela Deui and A. Namasivayam ...70

Effects of some Psychotropic Agents on Cognitive Functions in Rats : M. Goswami, S. Mund and A. Ray ...75

Cardio Respiratory changes Associated with Graded Exercise and Determination of Aerobic Power in Male Medical Students (18-19 Years) : Dalla A. Biswas and Jayant R. Kher ...79

Effects of Enalapril on Lipid Profile in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Essential Hypertensive Patients: Milan C. Satia, Mahesh L. Shukla and Ramesh K. Goyal ...83

A Study of Peripheral Nerve Function in Neonates and Infants : S. Tiwari, N. Shukla and U. K. Misra ...91

Gabaergic Agents Modify Imipramine Analgesia : Pushpahas M. Ballal, Sanjay N. Mandhane, Chandrabhan T. Chopde and Abhay V. Muthal ...95

Short Communications

Respiratory Effects of Occupational Exposure to Asbestos : Masoud-Sherif R. Mukhtar and Gutti Madan Mohan Rao ...98

Letter to Editor

Analgesic Efficacy of two Derivatives of O-Hydroxynaphthoquinone : Sushma Mattu, S. K Dhar, S. K Sindhwani and N. K. Ray ...103

Renal Lipids in Cyproheptadine Treated Albino Rats : B. C. Kabi, Y N. Rao, B. Parsi and A. S. Chakrabarty ...105

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