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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 42 - Number 2 April - 1998

Review Articles
Orignial Articles
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Hypothalamo-hypophysial connection revisited : ...153

Review Articles

Getting Higher Yields of Monoclonal Antibody in Culture : Prabuddha K. Kundu, N. Siua Prasad, S: E. Electricwala, Raghau Verma and Debatosh Datta ...155

Average Evoked Potentials - Clinical Applications of Short Latency Responses : O. P. Tandon ...172

Use of Chick Embryo in Screening for Teratogenicity : Anita Kotwani ...189

Original Articles

A New Physiological Approach to Control Essential Hypertension : W. Seluamurthy, K. Sridharan, U. S. Ray, R. S. Tiwary, K. S. Hegde, U.Radhakrishnan and K. C. Sinha ...205

Differences in ActiveAvoidance Behaviour ofHypoactive and Hyperactive Rats subjected to Immobilisation Stress : Ajitha Chandramohan, V. Sriniuasan and D. P. Thombre ...214

Role of Bio-metal Fe(llI) in Anticancer Effect of Dacarbazine : Jyotsna Shukla and K. S. Pitre ...223

Pancreatic Juice and Duodenal Fluid Flow Rate in Cow Calves from Birth to Early Ruminant State : K. S. Christi, V. P. Vadodaria, V. M. Mehta, D. R. Barualia. J. N. Mistry, D. B. Patil and R. R. Parsania ...231

Cardiovascular Responses to Application of Lower Body Negative Pressure of Male Volunteers in Seated Position : A. S. K. Prasad, K. S. Hegde and Lazar Mathew ...239

Lung Function Norms in Healthy Working Women : Neeraj Mathur, S. K. Rastogi, Tanueer Husain and B. N. Gupta ...245

\Danazol-induced Biochemical changes in the Rat Ovary : Gurinder Kaur Sangha and Nauneet Chopra ...252

Cardiac Nociception Induced Rectal Response Relation with Haemodynamic Changes : Juthika Koley, Asim K. Basak, Mahasweta Das and Biswanath Koley ...259

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Handloom Weavers : Rajnarayan R. Tiwari, Sanjay P. Zodpey, Sanjay G. Deshpande and Nayantara D. Vasudeo ...266

Comparison of the Incidence of Colour Blindness between Sections of Libyan and Indian Populations : S. A. Rahman, P. N. Singh and P. K. Nanda ...271

Testicular Changes due to Graded Doses of Nicotine in Albino Mice : Sriniuas Reddy, Ramesh Londonkar, Rauindra, Somnath Reddy and Saraswati B. Patil ...276

Timing and Magnitude of changes in Basal Energy Expenditure during Pregnancy in Indian Women : Tarun K. Das and H. Jana ...281

Effect of Catechin on Intestinal Lipid Metabolism : A. K. Valsa, S. K.Asha and N. R. Vijayalakshmi ...286

Serum Estradiol and Testosterone Levels following Acute Myocardial Infarction in Men : Yogesh Tripathi and B. M. Hegde ...291

Modulatory Effects of Diltiazem on Inotropic Responses to Amrinone on Rabbit Isolated Atria : S. M. Parhate, V. R. Thawani, V. M. Motghare, A. D. Dani and B. D. Paranjpe ...295

Subacute Toxicity Study of the Combination of Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) and Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) in Rats: A Safety Assessment : Arundhati A. Aphale. A. D. Chibba. N. R. Kumbhakarna, Mohd. Mateenuddin and Shalini H. Dahat ...299

Exercise ECG Testing Using Different Protocols in Asymptomatic Healthy Young Subjects : Pragya Agarwal. S. R. Arora, Sudha Agarwal, G. K. Aneja and Pankaj Kumar Agarwal ...303

A Comparative Study of Platelets Behaviour in Controls and Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients : Nirmala J. Deshpande and K. Raghothama Rao ...307

Effect of Potash Alum (Alluminium Potassium Sulphate) on Human Semen and Sperm : H. P. Singh. C. K. Singh and Ram Randhir Singh ...311

Short Communication

Delayed Manifestation of Ultra-Violet Radiation Induced Erythema in Guinea Pigs by Sodium Pyruvate A free Radial Scavenger : S. K. Gupta, Len Awor, S. Rastogi, Jai Prakash, Y. K. Gupta, S. D. Varma and T. Velpandian ...315







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