Indian Journal of Physiology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 42 - Number 4 October - 1998

Review Article
Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor
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Commemorating a Classic, and its Creator Walter Bradford Cannon : ...437

Review Article

Reactive Oxygen Species and Oxidative DNA Damage : Taruna Hemnani and M. S. Parihar ...440

Original Articles

Integrating Biostatistics and Experimental Physiology : Students Perceptions and Future Scope : M. Vaz. R. Padmavathi and G. Veena ...453

Subicular Lesion Induced Impairment in Operant Behaviour and Altered Dendritic Morphology of CA1, CA3 Hippocampal Neurons : Kolluri S. Nutan and B. L. Meti ...460

Effect of Two Selected Yogic Breathing Techniques on Heart Rate Variability : P. Raghuraj, A. G. Ramakrishnan. H. R. Nagendra and Shirley Telles ...467

Recovery from Stress in Two Different Postures and in Shavasana - A Yogic Relaxation Posture : T. K. Bera, M. M. Gore and J. P. Oak ...473

A Comparison of the Blood Lipid Profiles of Professional Sportspersons and· Controls : Berkant Muammer Kayatekin, !lgi Semin, Saban Acarbay, Gulgun Oktay and Semih Selamoglu ...479

Biological Efficacy and Plasma Norethisterone Levels of Orally Administered Norethisterone Enanthate in Rat and Hamster : P. Ravinder, K. Madhavan Nair and B. Sivakumar ...485

Influence of Adenosine Agonists and Antiepileptic Drugs on Theophylline-induced Seizures in Rats : Y. K. Gupta and Jatinder Malhotra ...491

Effects of the Menstrual Cycle on Timing and Depth of Breathing at Rest : Tarun K. Das ...498

Nicotine Induced Ovarian and Uterine changes in Albino Mice : Somnath Reddy Patil, Rauindra, Sriniuas, Reddy Patil, Ramesh Londonkar and S. B. Patil ...503

Efficacy of Exogenous Gonadotropins on the Maintenance of Spermatogenesis in Pethidine Treated Albino Rats : Srinioas Reddy Patil, Avadhoot Sonar, Ramesh Londonkar, Somnath Reddy Patil and S. B. Patii ...509

Electrocardiographic Changes Following Exercise in the Congenitally Deaf School Children : Relationship with Jervell Lange Neilsen Syndrome (The Long QT Syndrome) : R. D. Srivastava, John Pramod, Joy Deep, T. M. Jaison, Sheena Singh and Kusum Soni ...515

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Flour Mill Workers : Sanjay P. Zodpey and Rajnarayan Tiwari ...521

Effect of Septilin - A Herbal Preparation on Phaarmacokinetics of Carbamazepine in Rabbits : S. K. Garg. Arm. S. Islam and Naresh Kumar ...527

Antimicrobial Prescribing Pattern in an Indian Tertiary Hospital : D. Sharma, Kh. Reeta, D. K. Badyal, S. K. Garg and V. K. Bhargava ...533

A Study of Pulmonary Profile of Hypertensive Patients - Comparison of Atenolol Vs Amlodipine ; Meenakshi Chaswal, Savita Singh, O. P. Tandon and Nilima Shankar ...538

The Influence of Age, Sex and Obesity on Blood Pressure Levels in a Tribal Population : B. V. Babu, Y. S. Kusuma and J. M. Naidu ...543

Surface Changes of the Erythrocytes Membrane in Alcoholics - A Study of Lectin Binding : Kusum K. Nagda and Nalanda B. More ...548

Involvement of Nitiric Oxide (NO) in Hypoglycaemic Activity of Tolbutamide : S. Satyanarayana, Y. S. R. Krishnaiah and B. Kondala Rao ...551

A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Study of Nimodipine in Acute Cerebral Ischemic Stroke : Devika Nag, R. K. Garg and M. Varma ...555

Letter to Editor

Effect of Met-Enkephalin on Blood Glucose Level : R. Gulati,D. K. Agarwal, R. Ali, U. Srivastava and M. M. Hossain ...559

Animal Use in Medical Research : K. U. Ansari and Alka Tiwari ...563

Thyroid Functions in Aging Men : K. K. Gupta, Pankaj Kumar Agarwal, S. K. Roy and Pragya Agarwal ...565

Measurement and Interpretation of Peak Expiratory Flow : Ashutosh N. Aggarwal ...567

Cold Pressor Response in Normal and Malnourished Children : Mona Bedi, Rashmi Babbar and A. S. Chakrabarty ...569

Regression Equation for Prediction of Normal Lung Function : Ashutosh N. Aggarwal and Biligere S. Jayaraju ...572

News And Announcement



Prof. N. P. Benawri (1917 -1998) : ...574

Prof. Surendra "Cumar Manchanda (1931- 1998) : ...575

Author Index

Index to Volume 42 (1-4) 1998 : ....577



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