Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 43 - Number 2 April -1999

Guest Editorial
Review Articles
Orignial Articles
Short Communications
Letter to Editor
Corrigendum And Announcements


Guest Editorial

Postal Stamps-on Drug and Alcohol Abuse : S. Z. Rahman and K C. Singhal ...147

Review Articles

Role of Caspases in Apoptosis and Desease : Neeru Khanna and Neeta Singh ...151

Pharmacology of Sildenafil Citrate : Dhananjay N. Umrani and Ramesh K Goyal ...160

Original Articles

Immunohistological Localisation of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Human Endometrium : R. Naresh, Jayashree Sengupta, Vijaylakshmi Bhargava, Geeta Kinra, Jiarui Hu and D. Ghosh ...165

Role of Ca2+ on Uterine Force Stimulated by a Glycoside from the Root of Dalbergia Sexatilis : C. N. Uchendu ...171

Body Fat Topography in Indian and Tibetan Males of Low and Normal Body Mass Index : Mario Vaz, T. T. Ukyab, R. Padmavathi, R. Kuriyan, S. Muthayya, B. Diffey and A. V. Kurpad ...179

The Development and Validation of a Digital Peak Respiratory Pressure Monitor and its Characteristics in Healthy Human Subjects : K N. Maruthy and Mario Vaz ..186

Thyroid Functions in Pre-Eclampsia and its Correlation with Maternal Age, Parity, Severity of Blood Pressure and Serum Albumin : Farah Khaliq, Usha Singhal, Zakia Arshad and M. Mobarak Hussain ...193

Independent and Combined Effects of L-Arginine and Diazepam on Ammonium Chloride-Induced Convulsions in Rats : Vanaja Paul and A. R. Jayakumar ...199

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials Among Rubber Factory Workers : O. P. Tandon, Pratibha Gupta, S. K Bhargava and Meenakshi Chaswal ...205

Role of Estradiol in the Capacitation and Acrosome Reaction of Hamster Epididymal Spermatozoa in the Isolated Uterus of Mice Incubated In Vitro : H. Bathla, S. S. Guraya and G. K Sanghal ...211

Stress Due to Exams in Medical Students - A Role of Yoga : A. Malathi and A. Damodaran ...218

Factors Influencing Changes in Tweezer Dexterity Scores following Yoga Training : N. K Manjunath and Shirley Telles ...225

Effect of Hepatogard - An Indigenous Formulation on Dexamethasone Induced Antihealing Effects in Male Albino Rats : Shobha S. Nadig and S. Gurumadhva Rao ...230

Evaluation of Antiallergic Activity (Type I Hypersensitivity) of Inula Racemosa in Rats : Salil Srivastava, P. P. Gupta, Rajendra Prasad, K. S. Dixit, G. Palit, B. AU, Gopal Misra and R. C. Sexena ...235

Objective Structured Practical Examination in Pharmacology for Medical Laboratory Technicians : Gitanjali Batmanabane, Ramasamy Ravendran and Chanolean Shashindran ...242

Gentamicin Induced Inhibition of Steroidogenic Enzymes in Rat Testis : Sarmishtha Ghosh and Shankuntala Dasgupta ...247

Pharmacokinetics of Phenytoin Unaltered by Enalapril and Amlodipine in Rhesus Monkeys : D. K. Badyal, S. K Garg, V. K Bhargava and S. Majumdar ...251


Short Communications

Comparative Study of Beta-Adrenoceptor Blocking Efficacy of Two Formulations of Esmolol In Vivo and In Vitro : C. B. Tripathi, P. Bhattacharya, J. D. Bhatt and K G. Hemavathi ...255

Evaluation of Anti-tumor Efficacy of Injectable Centchroman in Mice Bearing Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma ; B. Dinesh Shenoy, N. Udupa, R. Kamath and P. Uma Devi ...259

Letter to Editor

Noise in the Operation Theatre : Intensity and Sources : Nilima Shankar and K L. Malhotra ...263

Osmotic Fragility of Normal and Sickle Haemoglobin containing Red Blood Cells : B. P. Dash, A. Mittra and B. C. Kar ...267

Erratum : Kolluri S. Nutan and B. L. Meti ...270



Corrigendum And Announcements






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