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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 44 - Number 4 Oct- 2000

Guest Editorials
Review Article
Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor
Book Reviews
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Superstition va Science : P. S. Rao ...375

Review Article

The Origins and Nature of the Cognitive Paradigm - An Overview : Subrata Dasgupta ...379

Original Articles

Cardiovascular R sponses to Head-Down-Body-Up Postural Exercise (Sarvangasana) : Debbindu Konar, R. Latha and J. S. Bhuvaneswaran ...392

Effects of Exogenous Vitamin C on Ethanol Toxicity in Rats : M. V. Suresh, Bindu Menon and M. Indira ... 401

Comparative Profiles of Sodium Valproate and Ethosuximide on Electro-behavioural correlates in y-Hydroxybutyrate and Pentylenetetrazol Induced Absence Seizures in Rats : Subramanyam Kumaresan, Joy David and Thangam Joseph ...411

Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Enzyme Levels of Intestinal Renal and Muscle Tissues after a 60 Minutes Exercise in Trained Mice : Ilgi Semin, Berkant Muammer Kayatekin, Sevil Gonenc, Osman Acikgoz, Nazan Uysal, Yasemin Delen and Ataman Gure ...419

The Effect of Delta Sleep-inducing Peptide on the EEG and Power Spectra in Rat : Olivera P. Stanojlovic, Dragana P. Zivanovic and Veselinka T. Susic ...428

Experimental Evaluation of Bucopa Monniera on Rat Gastric Ulceration and Secretion : Ch. V Rao, K. Sairam aILd R. K. Gael ...435

Status of Pulmonary Function Tests in Adolescent Females of Delhi : C. S. Rajesh, Pratibha Gupta. and Neelam Yaney ...442

Effect of Nimodipine on Male Reproductive Functions in Rats : Lekha Saha, V. K. Bhargava, S. K. Garg and S. Majumdar ..449

Relationship of Seminal Plasma Transferrin with Seminal Parameters in Male Infertility : Rajay N. Bharshankar and Jyotsna R. Bharshankar ...456

Event Related Evoked Potential Responses in Epileptic Patients : O. P. Tandon and Pravecn Duhan ..461

Effect of Head-Up Tilt on Cardiovascular Responses in Normal Young Volunteers : Vijaylakshmi P. Sussheela Veliath and Madan Mohan ...467

Long-Term Effects of Postnatal Aluminium Exposur on Acetylcholinesterase Activity and Biogenic Amine eurotransmitters in Rat Brain : S. M. Ravi, B. M. Prabhu, T. R. Raju and P. N. Bindu ...473

Minimum Muscular Fitness in School Children : Manmath M. Gharate ...479

Changes in Fibrinolytic Activity of Blood after Prostatectomy : B. Udayashanker ...485

Some Biochemical chang s in Heme Synthesis in Iron Deficiency : D. C. Sharma and Rati Mathur ...491

Effect of Alcohol Dependence On the Levels of Duodenal Disaccharidases in Human Subjects : S. D. Lhatoo, D. K. Bhasin, S. V. Rana, R. Katyal and K. Sinah ...495

Letter to Editor

Increase in Circulating Products of Lipid Peroxidation (Malonaldehyed) in Streptozocin Induced Diabetic Mice : Vani Gupta, San deep Bhattacharya, Vandana Gupta and S. M. Natu ..500

Unipolar Depression and Serum EIectrolytes : S. K. Pathah, R. K. Gaur, Jalaj Saxena and P. N. Singh ...503

Effect. of Examination Stress on some Metabolic Parameters : Vinay Agarwal, Bhuvy sh Gupta, Chaudhary Lalita. and Usha Singhal ...506

Antidepressant Activity of some Phenylaceticacid Hydrazones and 2-Chlorophenyl Semicarbazones : S. N. Pandeya, H. Manjula and P. N. Singh ...509

PBFR in R lation to Phases of Pregnancy : Bilquis M. A. Rasheed. Khajani Hussain and Sikandar Hussain ...511

Book Reviews

Subrata Dasgupta: Jagdis Chandra Bose and the Indian Response to Western Science : R. L. Bijlani ...513

Krishna K. Agarwal: Problem Based Learning of Clinical Pharmacology : R. L. Bijlani ...517


News And Announcement


Index to Volume Nos.1-4,2000








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