Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 46 - Number 1 Jan - 2002

Guest Editorial
Review Articles
Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor
Book Review
ews And Announcement

Guest Editorial

Antioxidants in Health : Chitra K. Pillai and K. S, Pillai ...1

Review Articles

Sleep and Performance - Recent Trends : Gidugu Himashree, P. K. Banerjee and W, Selvamurthy ...6

Orignial Articels

Effect of Vaginally Administered Fumagillin on Immunohistochemical Distribution of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor, Interleukin 6, Transforming Growth Factor ~ and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Implantation Stage Endometrium of the Rhesus Monkey : Manisha Kar, P. G. L. Lalitkumar, Latika Dhawan, Jayasree Sengupta and D. Ghosh ...25

Effect of SR 58611A, A Beta-3 Receptor Agonist, against Experimental Gastro-Duodenal Ulcers : Vinay H. K., Arindam Paul, Sunita S, Goswami and Devdas Santani ...36

Effect of 60° Head-up Tilt on Systolic Time Intervals in Hypertensive Patients : P, Vijayalakshmi, Madan Mohan and P, B, V, P. Kumar Babu ...45

Tackling Radioresistance of Hypoxic Cells by Metabolic Modulation of Bioenergetics - A 31p MRS Study on Perfused Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells : Rakesh Kumar Sharma and Vinay Jain ...51

Event Related Evoked Potentials in Dementia: Role of Vitamin E : Neelam Vaney, Sandeep Chouhan, M. S, Bhatia and 0. P. Tandon ...61

Antitumour Effect of Abrin on Transplanted Tumours in Mice : V. Ramnath, Girija Kuttan and Ramadasan Kuttan ...69

Maximal Expiratory Flow Volume Curve in Quarry Workers : Areot Sadagopa Subhashini and Natesa Satehidhanandam ...78

An Epidemiological Study of Pulmonary Function Tests in Geriatric Population of Central India : Mrunal S. Phatak, Geeta A. Kurhade, Gauri C. Pradhan and Geeta B. Gosavi ...85

Study of Spermatozoa and their Relationship with Fertility in 'Men of Arunachal Pradesh : B, K. Nath and C. K. Singh ...92

Effect of Ribavirin on Epididymal Sperm Count in Rat : Narayana K., Urban J. A. D'Souza and K. P. Seetharama Rao. ...97

Goiter in Rural Area of Aligarh District : P, N. Singh and J, Ahmad ...102

Drug Utilization Study in Dermatology in a Tertiary Hospital in Delhi : Rajiv Maini, Kaushal Kumar Verma, Nihar Ranjan Biswas and Shyam Sunder Agrawal ...107

Left Ventricular Function in Varicose Veins : K. Singh and S. Sood ...111

Letter to Editor

Fast Analgesic Activity from Recrystallized Nimesulide and its Solid Dispersion : Shrinivas Mutalik. Venkatesh and N. Udupa ...115

Evidence for an Involvement of Nitric Oxide in Memory of Shock Avoidance Task in Rats : P, Leema Reddy, Karthik Rajasekaran and Vanaja Paul ...119

Effect of Vinca Alakaloids on Intestinal Absorption of Glucose : Shobha Das and Raj Kumar Yadav ...123

Incentive Spirometry and PEFR in different Phases of Pregnancy : Bilquis M, A. Rasheed, Ather Mansoor and Sikander Hussain ...126

Book Review

News And Announcements


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