Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 46 - Number 3 July - 2002

Guest Editorial
Review Articles
Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor
Book Review
ews And Announcement

Guest Editorial

Professor Balachandra Babaji Dikshit 0902-1977): Physiologist and Pharmacologist, Teacher and Administrator : R. L. Bijlani ...259

Review Articles

Airway Rapidly Adapting Receptors - Sensors of Pulmonary ExtraVascular Fluid Volume : K Ravi and C. T. Kappagoda ...264

Orignial Articels

The Use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Assessment of time Variation in Composition of Human Milk and Colostrum : A Case Study during Pregnancy and Post-Partum. : Bethany S. Bechtel ...279

Effect of Ambient Temperature on Brain Temperature and Sleep-Wakefulness in Medical Preoptic Area Lesioned Rats : Thomas Chru:ko Thannickal and Veloyudhan Mohan Kumar ...287

Effect of Yoga Asanas on Nerve Conduction in Type 2 Diabetes : Varun Malhotra, Savita Singh, O. P. Tandon, S. V. Madhu, Atul Prasad and S, B. Sharma ...298

Modulation of Cold Pressor Induced Stress by Shavasan in Normal Adult Volunteers : Madanmohan, Kaviraja Udupa, Ananda Balyogi Bhavononi, N. Krishnamurthy and G. K Pal ...307

Study of Yoga Asanas in Assessment of Pulmonary Funct.ion in NIDDM Patients : Varun Malhotra, Savita Singh, K. P. Singh, P. Gupta, S. B. Sharma, S. V. Madhu and O. P. Tandon ...313

A Study on Predictors of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Muslim Subjects (Aged 18-20 years) of Karnataka : Kusal K. Das and Salim A. Dhundasi ...321

Physical Fitness : A Comparative Study between Students of Residential (Sanik) and Non-Residential Schools (Aged 12-14 Years) : Dipayan Chowdhuri, Soma Chaudhuri and Vasant A. Kulkarni ...328

Impact of Psychological Stress, Gender and Colour on Visual Response Latency : D. Venkatesh, D. L. Ramachandro, Suresh Babu N, and Rajan B. K ... 333

Effect of Partial Ileal Bypass on the Lipid Profile in the Hyperlipedemic Rabbits : U. K. Shrivastava, V. R. Minocha, Rimi Shukla, Dinesh Kumar and O. P. Tandon ...338

Effect of Ursodeoxycholic Acid on Hydrogen Peroxide Induced Lipid Peroxidation in Sheep Liver Mitochondria : Arumugam Geetha and Somadundram Parameshwari ...343

Improvement in Oxidative Status with Yogic Breathing in Young Healthy Males : Sandeep Bhattacharya, U. S. Pandey and N. S. Verma ...349

Effect of Partial Replscement of Visible Fat by Ghee (Clarified Butter) on Serum Lipid Profile : S. Ravi Shankar, R. L. Bijlani, Tarun Baveja, Nishi Jauhar, Suman Vashishl, S. C. Mahapatra, Nalin Mehta and S. C. Manchanda ...355

Effect of Oral Contraceptives on Respiratory Function : Reshmi S. S., Elizabeth Samuel, C. Kesavachandron and Shankar Shashidhar ...361

Effect of Cigarette Smoking and 3.2% Ethanol Alone or together on RBC and Platelet Counts in Rats : M. Nagvekar and M. E. Abraham ...367

Letter to Editor

Effect of Starvation Stress on Lipid Peroxidation and Lipid Profile in Rabbits : Hem Lata, G. K. Ahuja and A. P. S. Narang ...371

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential in Diabetes Mellitus ; Anita Padam, Raj Puri and M. L. Sharma ...375

Platelet Aggregation Patterns in Normotensive and Hypertensive Subjects : Shalini Gupta, Vinod K. Gupta, Rajinder K. Dhamija and Anil K. Kela ...379

Book Review

News And Announcements


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