Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 49 - Number 3 July - 2005

Review Articles
Orignial Articles
Short Communication
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The Two Cultures Revisited : Ranjit Nair  ... 253

Review Article

Lung functions with Spirometry : An Indian Perspective - II : On the vital Capacity of Indians : M. B. Dikshit , S. Raje and J. Agarwal... 257

Original Articles

Mechanism of the Immunomodulatory Activity of Glycodelin : Anjali A. Karande, Debaditya Mukhopadhyay, Rajesh Jayachandran, Swathi Sundarraj and Anshula Alok ... 271

Evaluation of Possible Goitrogenic and Antithyroidal Effect of Nitrate , A Potential Environmental Pollotant : Sanjukta Mukhopadhya , Dishari Ghosh , Aprajita Chatterjee , Sanchari Sinha, Smritiratan Tripathy and Amar  K. Chandra ... 284

Pharmacological Studies of Clerodendron Colebrookianum Walp, Apotent Hypotensive Plant : Jibon Kotoky , Bedabati Dasgupta and Niren Deka ... 289

Effect of Exogenous Lecithin on Ethanol- Induced Testicular Injuries in Wistar Rats : SukhdeepM. Maneesh , H. Jayalekshmi, Sanjiba Dutta, Amit Chakrabarti and D.M . Vasudevan ... 297

Study of Anti-Fertility Effect of Lemon Seeds ( Cirus Limonum ) in Female Albino Mice : T.R. Kulkarni , M.A. Kothekar and Mohd. Mateenuddin ... 305

Effect of Slow and Fast Pranayams on Reaction Time and Cardiorespiratory Variables : Madanmohan , Kaviraja Udupa , A .B. Bhavanani , P. Vijayalkshmi and A. Surendiran ... 313

An Investigation into the Acute and Long- Term Effects of Selected Yogic Postures on Fasting and Postprandial Glycemia and Insulinemia in Healthy Young Subjects : S. Manjunatha , R . P. Vempati , D. Ghosh  and R.L. Bijlani ... 319

Gating of the Dorsal Penile Nerve Inputs by Norepinephrine at the Medical Preoptic Area in Rats : H. N . Mallick and V. M . Kumar  ... 325

L- Ascorbic Acid Ameliorates Postnatal Ensosulfan Induced Testicular Damage in Rats : Manjula Rao. K. Narayana , Susan Benjamin and K.L . Bairy .....331

Effect of Anticholinesterase Compound Phosalone on Blood Brain Barrier ( BBB) Permeability : K. Bharavi and K. S. Reddy ... 337

An Serum Copper , Ceruloplasmin , Protein Thiols and Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substance Status in Liver Cancer Associated with Elevated Levels of Alfa - Fetoprotein : Shivananda B . Nayar  , Yashwanthi S. , Sneha M . Pinto , Vinutha R. Bhat and Srimathi S. Mayya  ... 341

Influence Differential Effects of Exogenous Versus A Estrogen - Progesterone Combination on Auditory Evoked Potentials in Menopausal Women  : Farah Khaliq , Om Prakash Tandon and Neerja Goel ... 345

Cardiorespiratory Fitness of Obese Boys : Satpati Chatterjee , Pratima Chatterjee and Amit Bandhopadhyay ... 353 

Short Communications

Effect of A Comprehensive Yoga- Based Lifestyle Modification Program on Lipid Peroxidation : Raj Kumar Yadav , Rooma Basu Ray , Ramaprbhu Vempati and Ramesh Lal Bijlani ... 358

Probing the Anti- Hyperlipidemic Efficacy of The Allspice ( Pimenta Officnalis Lindl.) in Rats Fed with High Fat Diet : Pratibha M.P Shyamala , Julie J. Paramundayil , M.R. Venukumar and M.S. Latha. ... 363

Status of Iodine Deficiency amongst School Children in Twentyfour Districts in Southern India : Umesh Kapil , Preeti Singh and Sada Nand Dwivedi ... 369

News and Announcement


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