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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 51 - Number 2 April - 2007

Guest Editorial

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Opinion Article
Orignial Articles
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Guidelines for Contributors
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Professor B. K. Anand : Jayasree Sengupta... 103

Guest Editorial

Physiological Genomics : Ashok Kumar Jaryal... 105

Review Article

Aspirin Resistance : K.A.Ashwin,K.L.Bairy,Sudha Vidyasagar,Muralidhar Verma,C.K.Prasanth and A.Sachidananda... 109

Opinion Article

Doping Droops : Aditi Chaturvedi, Harish Chaturivedi,Juhi Kalra and Sudhanshu Kalra  ...118

Original Articles

Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Eugenia Jambolana Seeds on Gastric Ulceration and Secretion in Rats : Aditi Chaturvedi,M.Mohan Kumar,G.Bhawani,Harish Chaturvedi, Mohan Kumar and R.K. Goel  ... 131

Study of Oxidative Stress and Trace Element Levels in Patients with Alcoholic and Non- Alcoholic Coronary Artery Disease : Purnina Dey Sarkar, M.Ramprasad,Indranil Dey Sarkar and T.M.Shivaprakash ...141

Effect of Long Term Oral Administration of L-Arginine on Experimentally Produced  Myocardial Ischemia in Rabbits : Pradeep Kumar , J.L.Agarwal and Ajay Kumar ... 147

Increased Glycated Hemoglobin Label in Non- Diabetic Nephrotic Children is Assosiated with Oxydative Stress : R.Balamurugan,Selvaraj, Z.Bobby and V.Sathivapriya  ...153

Platelet  Estimation :  Its Prognostic Value in Pregnancy Induced Hypertention : S. Mohapatra, B.B.Pardhan, U.K.Satpathy,Arati Mohanty and J.R. Pattnaik  ... 160

Changes in Vitamin C and Vitamin E during Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Reperfusion : Reema Sood,A. P. S. Narang, Rebecca Abraham,Uma Arora,Rajneesh Calton and Nitin Soodi ...165

Diagonostic Value of Adenosine Deaminase to Differentiate Exudates and Transudates : Ashish  Anantrao Jadhav and Jayashree Suhas Bardapurkar ...170

Anorexic of (R) -Sibutramine :  Comparision with (R) - Sibutramine and (S) - Sibutramine : Subhash L.Bodhankar, Prasad A.Thakurdesai, Shrawan Singhal and Vaibhav Gaur...175

Iron Supplementation  and oxidative Stress in Patients with Uremia : Jeevan K. Shetty and Mungli Prakash ...179

Short Communications

Comparative Effects of Conventional B-Blockers and Nebivolol on Psychomotor Performances in Healthy Volunteers : A Preliminary Reports : A.Kumar, V.Khajuria, Vishal R. Tandon, V. Kapoor and R. Singh  ...183

Influence of Ethanolic Extract of Jasminum Grandflorum Linn Flower on Wound Healing Activitiy in Rats : B.S.Nayak and Krishna Mohan ... 189

Effects of Clomiphene Citrate on Sperm Density in Male Partners of Infertile Couples : Simantini S.Patankar, Shobha B.Kaore, Manish V.Sawane, Neelam V. Mishra and Atul M. Deshkar  ...195

Erythrocyte Ascorbic Acid and Plasma Vitamin E Status in Patients with Carcinona of Prostate : Krishna Mohan Surapaneni and Venkata Ramanan G. ... 199

Material and Neonatal Factors Affecting Physiological Jaundice in Western U.P. : V. Agarwal, V.Singh, S.P. Goel and B. Gupta. ... 203

Letter to Editor

Atherogenic Lipid Risk Factors in Men Classified as Overweight and Obese According to the Preliminary WHO Guidelines for Asians : Hanumanthappa Nandeesha , Viswanathan Sathiyapriya, Zachariah Bobby, Nambiar selvaraj, Purushothaman Pavithran and Aparna Agarawal ... 205

Are Fresh water Fish Safe to Eat ? : R. G. Cooper  ... 209

Transport of Glucose in Isolated Goat Ileum Preparation : An Alternative Research Tool for Absorption Study :S. V. Tembhurne and D. M . Sakarkar  ... 211

Guidelines for Contributors

... 207

News and Announcement

... 211






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