Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India



Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 53 - Number 4 Oct - 2009

Orignial Articles
Short Communications


Tail Trekkers Nab Nobel : Abhishek Sinha... 289

Original Articles

The Science Behind Sacredness of Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum Linn.) : Shankar Mondal, Bijay R. Mirdha and Sushil C. Mahapatra... 291

Staphylococcal Catalase Regulates its Virulence and Induces Arthritis in Catalase Deficient Mice : Riti Sen, Debaditya Das and Biswadev Bishayi... 307

Abdominal Obesity and Pulmonary Functions in Young Indian Adult s : A Prospective Study : Yogesh Saxena, Girish Sidhwani and Rashi Upmanyu... 318

Effect of Acyclovir on the Sperm Parameters of Albino Mice : K. L Bairy , Ganesh Kumar and Yeshwanth Rao... 327

Myocardial Infarction in Nondiabetic and Prediabetic Population : A Retrospective Analysis : Nivedita Nanda , Sanat Kumar Sen , Mark C. Arokiaraj, Sripradha R., Roma R. and Kiran Pattegar ...334

Visual Evoked Potential Study in Slow Learners : Farah Khaliq , Yumnam Anjana and Neelam Vaney... 341

Birth Weight and Lung Fuctions in Male Adolescents : Kamal Jindal, Farah Khaliq and Piyush Gupta... 347

Electroencephalographic Attributes of Goats under Conscious State : R. Huozha , Sunil K. Rastogi , Arun K. Madan and Ashish K. Srivastava ... 353

Assessment of Iodine and Non-Iodine Deficiency Hypothyroidism in Women of Reproductive Ages in The Sub- Himalayan Plains of West Bengal : Arabinda Ray, Utpal Biswas, Ashoke Mukherjee, Krishna Chandra Sarker, Kausik Samajdar and Gautam Mukherjee ... 359

Study of Lipid Profile, Lipid Peroxidation and Vitamin E in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension : Suchanda Sahu , Rebecca Abraham , R. Vedavalli and Mary Daniel ... 365

Advanced Oxidation Protein Products and Total Antioxidant Activity in Colorectal Carcinoma : Avinash S. S. , Anitha M. , Vinodchandran , Gayathri M. Rao, Sudha K. and Beena V. Shetty ... 370

Short Communications

Role of Alpha - Tocopherol in Cardiopulmonary Fitness in Endurance Athlete, Cyclists : Sumangala M. Patil, Dipayan Chaudhuri and Gopal B. Dhanakshirur ... 375

Non- Pharmacological Management of Nasal Polyp : A Case Report : Rajiv Rastogi , B. T. C. Murthy and Vinudha... 380


Index to volume No. 1-4 (2009) : .... 383

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