Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology

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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 54 - Number 1 January - 2010

Original Articles
Short Communications
Letter to Editor


Reporting Statistical Information in a manuscript Prepared for Publication in a Medical Journal : G. K. Pal... 1

Original Articles

Homosexuality : A Dilemma in Discourse : K. K. Gulia and H. N.  Mallick... 5

Peripheral Interaction of Opioid and NMDA Receptors in Inflammatory Pain in Rats : Om P. Tandon , Ashish K. Mehta , Sumita Halder , Naresh Khanna and Krishna  K. Sharma... 21

Effect of Different Musical Tempo on Post - Exercise Recovery in Young Adults : Savitha D. , Mallikarjuna Reddy N. and  Chythra Rao... 32

Cardiovascular Automatic Response to Whole Body Isotonic Exercise in Normotensive Healthy Young Adult Males With Parental History of Hypertension : K. Sowmya R. , Maruthy  K. N. and Rani Gupta... 37

Gender difference in the Effect of Short- Term Calorie Restrictions on Body Weight and Immunological Parameters in Albino Rats : Jane Nithya , G. K. Palami , Nivedita Nanda and Pravati Pal... 45

Effect of Yoga on Pulmonary Functions Tests of Hypothyroid Patients Learners : Gaurav Swami , Savita Singh , K . P. Singh  and Manish Gupta ... 51

Variation in Response to Experimental Pain Across The Menstrual Cycle in Women Compared with one Month Response in Men : Manoj Kumar, Jagdish Narayan , Nar Singh Verma and Indu Saxena... 57

Assessment of Nerve Conduction In Evaluation of Radiculopathy among Chronic Low Back Pain Patients without Clinical Neurodeficit : Balaji Ghugare , Piyali Das , Jayshri Ghate , Kisan Patond , Manisha Koranne and Ramjit Singh ... 63

Effect of Advanced Uncomplicated Pregnancy on Pulmonary Function Parameters of North Indian Subjects : Neeraj , Candy Sodhi , John Pramod , Joydeep Singh and Vaneet Kaur... 69

 Short Communications

Autonomic ( Sympathetic ) Nervous System Involvement in Rheumatoid Arthiritis Patients : Mukta  P. Bidikar and Rati  B. Ichaporia ... 73

Evaluation of Left Ventricular Performance in Menopausal Women : Manjinder Kaur , G . K. Ahuja , Harpreet singh , Lily Walia and Kum Kum Avasthi.. 80

Leucocyte Counts in Anaemia : K. Singh ... 85

Letter to the Editor

Rat Everted Intestinal Segments Demonstrate that Fasting is a Regular of Uptake and Metabolism of Glucose : Manjinder M. Kirtana Pai, N. N. Sareesh, J. Prakasa Rao , P.D. Gupta , Vivekananda Kedage, S. Manjunatha Muttigi , S. Lakshmi Prabhu and Mungli Prakash... 89

Can Physical Exercise , Yoga Diet Control and Natruopathic Treatment prevent Progression of Diabetes Mellitus ? : Snehasis Bhunia... 92

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