Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India



Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 54 - Number 2 April - 2010

Original Articles
Short Communications
Letter to Editor


Lessons from the History of Hormone Replacement Therapy: ....95

Original Articles

Therapeutic Potential of Herbal Drugs in Cerebral Ischemia:Y. K. Gupta, Seema Briyal and Anil Gulati... 99

Prediction and Stratification of the Future Cardiovascular Arrhythmic Events: Signal Averaged Electrocardiography Versus Ejection Fraction - Anil Kumar Pandey, Asim Das, Ssingwala Ashish K. and K. N. Bhatt .. 123

Immunomodulatory Activity of Methanolic Leaf Extract of Moringa Oleifera in Animals - Sudha P., Syed Mohammed Basheeruddin Asdaq, Sunil S. Dhamingi and Gowda Kallenahalli Chandrakala... 133

Modulatory Effect of Coffee on Platelet Function - Shobha Bhaskar and Arun A. Rauf... 141

Impact of Different Grades of Body Mass Index on Left Ventricular Structure and Function -  Rajsesh G. Kathrotia, Swapnil J. Paralikar, Pinkesh V. Rao and Elvy R. Oommen .. 149

Multivitamin and Micronutrient Treatment Improves Semen Parameters of Azoospermic Patients with Maturation Arrest - Amit K. Singh, Anil K. Tiwari, Pratap B. Singh, Udai S. Dwivedi, Sameer Trivedi, Surya K. Singh, Neeraj K. Agrawal and Shripad B. Deshpande ... 157

Effect of Valsalva Maneuver on Pulse Wave Velocity - K Singh.. 164

 Short Communications 

Impaired Glucose Tolerance : A Pilot Study in Randomly Selected Population of Chennai  K. Jaiganesh, M. Semmal Syed Meerasa, M. I. Glad Mohesh and F. Stanley Mangalakumar Robert ...169

Influence of Age and Gender on Cold Pressor Response in Indian Population- R. D. Srivastava, Manoj Kumar, Rajiv Shinghal and A. P. Sahay .... 174

Myocardial Infarction in Prediabetic Patients : Role of Blood Pressure Dyshomeostasis - Nivedita Nanda, Sanat Kumar Sen and Mark C. Arokiaraj ... 179

Letters to the Editors

Effect of Yoga and Relaxation Techniques on Cardiovascular System- Sangeeta Jain, Meeta Jain and C. S. Sharma...183

Responses to the Comments Made by David S. Shannahoff-Khalsa [IJPP 2009; 53(1): 102-104] on the Short Communication "Immediate Effects of Right and Left Nostril Breathing on Verbal and Spatial Memory Scores" [IJPPP 2008; 52: 197-200] .. Shirley Telles... 186

News - 

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009 - Nikhilesh Singh... 187



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