Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India



Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 55 - Number 2 Apr - 2011

Guest Editorial
Orignial Articles
Short Communications
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Guest Editorials

The Story of a Poacher-Turned-Gamekeeper : A Twist in Animal Evolution: ... 99

Original Articles

Effects of Vincristine on the Bile Flow in Male Albino Rats: Rashi Upmanyu,Yogesh Saxena and Jyoti Dvivedi ...101

Myocardial Performance in Asymptomatic Essential Hypertension : Anil Kumar Pandey , Asim Das , Ashutosh Kumar, M. Sri Hari Babu, Bhawani G and Y. Himabindu... 110

Pattern and Prevalence of Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy in Diabetics Visiting a Tertiary Care Referral Center In India : Ekta Khandelwal, Ashok Kumar Jaryal and Kishore Kumar Deepak... 119

Association of Albumin-globulin Ratio with Sympathovagal Imbalance in Pregnancy-induced Hypertension : G. K. Pal, P. Shyma, S. Habeebbullah, P. Shyjus, Pravati Pal and Nivedita Nanda...128

Effect of Extended Colostrum Feeding on the Plasma Profile of Insulin, Thyroid Hormones and Blood Glucose of Crossbred Pre-ruminant Calves: Babitha V, Philomina P. T. and Dildeep V. ... 139

Effect of Gender on the Association of Adiposity with Cardiovascular Reactivity in Gujrati Indian Adolescent: Wasim A. Shaikh, Minal Patel and S. K. Singh...147

Acute Effects of Deep Breathing for a Short Duration (2-10 Minutes) on Pulmonary Functions in Healthy Young VolunteersFunctions in Plastic Factory Workers:Sivakumar G. , Krishnamoorthi Prabhu, Rekha Baliga, M. Kirtana Pai and S. Manjunatha ...154

Short Communications

Study of Short Term Memory Status in Adult Bipolar Disorder Patients in South Indian Population: Mohammed Aslam, Mohamed Siddiq, Salim A. Dhundasi, Kusal K. das and B.R. Kulkarni ...160

Effect of Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle on Physical Working Capacity in Indian Population: Girja B. and Shivakumar Veeraiah...165

Reduction in Lung Functions in Type-2 Diabetes in Indian Population : Correlation with Glycemic Status: Anand R. Dharwadkar , Asha A. Dharwadkar , Gouher Banu and Shrilaxmi Bagali ...170

Effect of Methylphenidate on Enhancement of Spatial Learning by Novel Alternated Dual Task :Praveen Kottah Veetil and Joseph Kurian Mukkandan ...176

The Effects of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga on Some Physiological and Biochemical Parameters in Mild Hypertensive Patients: Vaishali V. Agte , Madhavi U. Jahagirdar and Kirtan V. Tarwadi  ...183

Comparison of VO2max in Obese and Non-obese Young Indian Population: Kshitija Umesh Patkar and Anjali S. Joshi...188

News and announcement

News and Announcement : ... 193

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