Indian Journal of Physiology
and Pharmacology
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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India



Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 56 - Number 2 Apr - 2012

Review Article
Orignial Articles
Short Communications
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Review Article

Recent Advances in Human Brown Fat Physiology: D.V. Muralidhara and Krithika D. Muralidhara   ...197

Original Articles

Effect of Curcumin on Glucose Absorption : an Experimental Study on Albino Rats : Jyoti Dvivedi, S. Pandey and R. Gupta ...207

Protective Effect of α - Tocopheral on Biochemical and Histological Alterations Induced by Cadmium in Rat Testes :  B. Rajendar, K. Bharavi, G. S. Rao, P. V. S. Kishore, P. Ravi Kumar C.S.V. Satish Kumar and D. Srinivas Kumar ... 213

Validity of 20 Meter Multi- Stage Shuttle Run Test for Estimation of Maximum Oxygen Uptake in Male University Students : Amit Bandyopadhyay  ... 221

Effects of Obesity on Balance and Gait Alterations in Young Adults : Aparna Sarkar, Meenakshi Singh, Nitesh Bansal and Seema Kapoor...227

Event Related Potentials in Anemic School – Going Girls of Age Group 8 to 10 Years : R. Bandhu, N. Shankar, O. P. Tandon and N. Madan ... 234

Normative Data of Upper Limb Nerve Conduction in Central India: Sachin M. Pawar, Avinash B. Taksande and Ramji Singh...241

Autonomic Reactivity to Cold Pressor Test in Prehypertensive and Hypertensive Medical Students : Khaliq Farah, Gupta Keshav and Singh Pawan ...246

Heart Rate Variability in Normotensive Subjects with Family History of Hypertension : Krishnan Muralikrishnan, Kabali Balasubramanian and adanidiyur Viswanatha Rao ...253

Warm Sensitive Neurons of the Preoptic Area Regulate Ambient Temperature Related Changes in Sleep in the Rat : Deependra Kumar, Velayudhan Mohan Kumar and Hruda Nanda Mallick...262

Drug Utilization Pattern and Effectiveness Analysis in Diabetes Mellitus at a Tertiary Care Centre in Eastern Nepal : Premlata Das, Balbhadra Prasad Das, Gajendra Prasad Rauniar,Ranendra Kumar Roy and Sanjib Kumar Sharma  ...272

Plasma Oxidant- Antioxidants Status in Asthma and its Correlation with Pulmonary Function Tests :  Reena Kaur Ruprai  ...281

Short Communications

A Study of Relation Between Body Mass Index and Simple Reaction Time in Healthy Young Females : Asmita S. Nene, Pushpa A. Pazare and Karun D. Sharma   ...288

News and Announcement

News and Announcement: ... 292





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