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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India


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Volume 57 - Number 4 Oct - 2013

Orignial Articles
Short Communications
Medical Education
Letter to Editor


Towards an eco-friendly journal :KK Deepak...342


Comparison of tolterodine with standard treatment in pediatric patients with non-neurogenic dysfunctional voiding/over active bladder : A systematic review :Medhi B, Mittal N, Bansal D, Prakash A, Sarangi SC and Nirthi B..343

Original Articles

Mechanism of selective attention : fMRI study of face-word stroop task performance : Vivekananth S., Sanjay Kumar Sood, Senthil Kumaran S. and Anshul Srivastava ...354

The relationship between body mass index and physical fitness in adolescent and adult male team handball players : Nikolaidis P. T. and Ingebrigtsen J...361

Diagnostic Utility of F Waves in Clinically Diagnosed Patients of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome : Anand G. Joshi and Ashwini R. Gargate...372

The effect of regular exercise and massage on oxidant and antioxidant parameters : Aysun Bay Karabulut, M. Emin Kafkas, Armagan Sahin Kafkas, Yunus Önal and Tugba Rabia Kiran ...378

Comparative study of effect of anuloma-viloma (pranayam) and yogic asanas in premenstrual syndrome : Bhawana Sharma, Rajesh Misra, Kiran Singh, Rajeev Sharma and Archana ...384

Effects of season (summer & winter) on electrical characteristics of skeletal muscle membranes of the spiny-tailed lizard, Uromastix hardwickii :Mohammad Saleh Soomro, Muhammad Abdul Azeem, Fatima Shad Kaneez, Mohammad Naeem Soomro and Mohammad
Waseem Soomro.. 390

Evaluation of body composition and its association with cardio respiratory fitness in south Indian adolescents : Vivek Kumar Sharma, Senthil Kumar Subramanian and Vinayathan Arunachalam...399

Impact of Thiamine Supplementation in the Reversal of ethanol induced toxicity in rats : Vidhya A., Renjugopal V. and Indira M...406

Antioxidant effect of Achillea wilhelmsii extract on pentylenetetrazole (seizure model)-induced oxidative brain damage in
Wistar rats
:Mahmoud Hosseini, Fatemeh Harandizadeh, Saeed Niazamand, Mohammad Soukhtanloo and Maryam Mahmoudabady...418

A comparative in vitro study of Cephalosporin/Beta-lactamase inhibitor combinations against Gram negative bacilli : Susan M., Hariharan T.S. and Sonya J...425

Medical Education

Motivation and preparedness of first semester medical students for a career in medicine : Nilima Shankar, Satendra Singh, Shikha Gautam and Upreet Dhaliwal...432

Short Communication

A comparative study of visual reaction time in table tennis players and healthy controls : Mahesh K. Bhabhor, Kalpesh Vidja, Priti Bhanderi, Shital Dodhia, Rajesh Kathrotia and Varsha Joshi...439

Symathovagal imbalance in premenstrual syndrome : Megha Kulshreshtha, Yogesh Kumar, Vinay Agarwal and Vandana Dhama...443

Effect of different types of music on exercise performance in normal individuals : Anuprita M. Thakur And Sujata S. Yardi...448

Letter to Editor

Umbilical cord blood TSH : A predictor of congenital hypothyroidism : Joseph John, Anumol Abraham and Suchanda Sahu....452

National inter-medical college physiology quiz competition (NIPQC) : An interesting and exciting teaching - learning tool : Singh SK, Shaikh WA and Shah HD... 454

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