Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 59 - Number 4 October - 2015

Orignial Articles

Medical Education
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Physiology Research in India : Heading Where ? : Sabyasachi Sircar ...360

Original Articles

Comparison Of Cardiovascular Characteristics In Normotensive And Hypertensive Rat Strains : Anna Zeman…íková* and Jozef Török ...361

Role of AMP-activated Protein Kinase in NO- and EDHF-mediated Endothelium-dependent Relaxations to Red Wine Polyphenols : Modou Oumy Kane, Mbaye SENE, Eric Anselm, Stéphanie Dal, Valérie B. Schini-Kerthand Cyril Augier ...369

Spectral Parameters of HRV In Yoga Practitioners, Athletes And Sedentary Males : Rosemary Peter, Sushma Sood and Ashwani Dhawan ...380

Using Bera To Detect Persistence of Auditory Injury In High Risk Infants : Suranjana Sur Mukherjee, M. V. Sawane and P. A. Nikose ...388

Autonomic Functions In Raja-yoga Meditator : Jyotsana. R. Bharshankar, Archana D. Mandape, Mrunal S. Phatak, Rajay N. Bharshankar ...396

Effect Of Electromagnetic Waves Emitted From Mobile Phone On Brain Stem Auditory Evoked Potential In Adult Males : K. Singh ...402

Aerobic Fitness, Heart Rate Recovery and Heart Rate Recovery Time in Indian School Children : Rajesh Jeniton Fernando, K. Ravichandran and Mario Vaz ...407

Individual Alpha Frequency (IAF) Based Quantitative EEG Correlates of Psychological Stress : Yogesh Singh and Ratna Sharma ...414

Association of Circulating Orexin-A Level With Metabolic Risk Factors in North Indian Pre Menopausal Women :Vani Gupta, Sameeksha Mishra, Sandeep Kumar and Supriya Mishra ...422

Medical Education

Psychometrics of Multiple Choice Questions with Non-Functioning Distracters : Implications to Medical Education : Kishore K. Deepak, Khalid Umran Al-Umran, Mona H. Al-Sheikh, B. V. dkoli and Abdullah Al-Rubaish ...428

Short Communications

Controlled Vestibular Stimulation, Standardization Of A Physiological Method To Release Stress In College Students : Kumar Sai Sailesh and J. K. Mukkadan ...436

Effect Of Naturopathy Treatments And Yogic Practices On Cervical Spondylosis – A Case Report : Rajiv Rastogi and Priti Bendore ....442

Assessment Of Hemostatic Condition In Patients After Surgical Trauma : Madhuri Taranikanti, Nikhat Yasmeen, Sanghamitra Panda, Ratna Jyothi Meka, Jayalakshmi Behara and Abdul Raoof Omer Siddiqui ....446

Letter To Editor

Unintentional Plagiarism : The Price For Ignoring Literature Search : Sabyasachi Sircar ...450